Wednesday, 6 August 2008

get SQL Server Database Restore Dates

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use msdb
    DBRestored = destination_database_name,
    RestoreDate = restore_date,
    SourceDB = b.database_name,
    SourceFile = physical_name,
    BackupDate = backup_start_date
from RestoreHistory h join BackupSet b
    on h.backup_set_id = b.backup_set_id
        join BackupFile f
    on f.backup_set_id = b.backup_set_id
order by RestoreDate

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Monday, 19 May 2008

installing Team Foundation Server 2008


It took approx 2 days to get this installed! This is one install where you must read the docs before installing.


Had numerous errors during the install relating to security errors for the TFS user accounts and also, after aborted installs, had to manually delete files to get the install through.


TIP: When you get errors read the msi log files carefully and you should be able to work out why it went wrong.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

error starting IIS 0x8ffe2740

Had been using the server built into visual studio 2008 but today needed to use IIS but when I went to start I got a weird error message:



Did some googling on this and found that the problem was related to another program using port 80.

Using the tool CurrPorts I was able to see that skype had used port 80 already, e.g.:



To fix open Skype then Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection. Then untick Use Port 80 for incoming connections then re-start Skype.


You can then start IIS as port 80 is free again!